Tentative Steps

by Jason Casséus

I’ll openly admit that I’m a bit nervous about this new project. When I discussed it with Dan months ago, it seemed like a great idea; a simple blog to post writing, ideas, maybe some reviews of literature or art. Now that we’ve pulled the trigger and I sit in front of my computer typing, I feel like I’m stepping out onto an icy lake.

I haven’t really written from the heart since sophomore year of high school. I got decent grades (I really should have my B in GCSE English framed) and my parents were constantly telling me what a ‘great little writer’ I was. Fast forward 22 years and all I’ve done is write about food and restaurants for a blog I started on a whim. I’m not saying that reviewing restaurants doesn’t take creativity, but the shift from journalism to whatever it is I plan to contribute here feels like quite a leap for me.

I think of myself as being pretty clever and I have an above-average grasp of the English language so I should be OK. Dan and I are still trying to figure out what direction this site will take, but as we move forward I feel that things will come together. So, with fingers crossed, I walk out onto the ice.

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